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Chimney Repairs Chester

Over time chimneys develop signs of wear and tear and other problems which, if left ignored, could lead to costly repairs. We at Wonderoofing Chester are experts at identifying issues with the chimney and provide the best services at affordable prices. Reach us today via our email to book an inspection.

Why Chimney Should be Repaired

Continuing to use the chimney despite the damage can be a safety hazard. Hence, it is mandatory to have your chimney inspected before the winter for wear and tear and other problems. Here are a few other reasons to have your chimney inspected and repaired promptly.

Fault in the Chimney

Chimneys can also develop faults or get clogged. This causes the release of smoke inside the home rather than out of it. That leads to an influx of carbon monoxide and other toxic gases inside the house.

Water Leaks

Damaged chimneys can cause water leakages too. That leads to a lot of humidity, musty odour, and mould. So if you observe any water leaks or visible signs of water damage, just get in touch with our experts at Wonderoofing Chester to repair your chimney and stop any moisture from entering the home from it.

Risk of Creosote Build-up

Creosote is the black coating that forms inside the fireplace when you keep the chimney burning. Although it’s normal for creosote to build up over time, it is highly flammable, hence becoming a fire hazard for the home.

Creosote is the number one reason to have your chimney checked and cleaned yearly.

Worn Out Chimney

Your chimney is likely worn out if you have trouble lighting it up. Worn-out chimneys produce a weak flame that gives off more smoke than heat. Hence you need a professional inspection to bring it back to its optimal state.

Broken Chimney Cap

The cap atop the chimney has an important job: to keep the flames from getting to your rooftop. It also keeps the cats and other animals out of the chimney. However, over time, it may get rusted, broken or cracked.

So a broken cap could be dangerous and a fire hazard for your roof and pets.

Types of Chimney Repair

Chimneys can develop several problems, which require different kinds of repair work. Here’s a list of the most common repair works performed by Wonderoofing Chester on the chimneys.

Chimney Repairs: Repair damage due to leaks, cracked bricks and mortar, etc.

Chimney Removal and Re-Builds: Remove and replace the chimney when it’s damaged beyond repair.

Re-Seating Chimney Pots: Chimney repointing to repair erosion and brick wall cracks

Cowls and Vents Installation: Installation of cowls, vents, flue pipe, fireproof board, etc.

Back Gutters, Flashings, Lead Soakers and Front Aprons: Installation, maintenance and repair of lead soakers, flashings, back gutters, and front aprons.

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