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Flat Roof in Chester

Flat roofs are highly preferred owing to their low prices. Hence it’s not surprising why so many people all over the UK opt for flat roofs on garages and other extensions.

When Should Flat Roofs be Repaired?

The Flat roofs are highly prone to leakages. So, you need repair works that last at least a decade to fifteen years after the installation. Usually, there are subtle signs that show your flat roof needs repairs.

For instance, there may be:

Holes in the flat roof
Moist and musty smell
Saggy or loose fabric
Cracked felt

These problems usually result from poor installation, exposure to UV sun rays and air trapping between the layers of felt roof. Then there are other problems like:

Material Shrinkage: If professionals haven’t installed the roof, you may notice that EPDM rubber may shrink over time,  pulling parapet walls or drip edge. This scenario calls for an immediate inspection and repair.

Water Leakage: These are the most common issues with flat roofs. This involves water pooling on the top, causing damage to your structure.

Injuries: Sometimes you or others have to get onto the flat roof for cleaning, getting something trapped up there, etc. If the flat roof is wearing out, you may fall and risk injuring yourself and others. 

The repair works may be consolidated around the tears or damage or require a complete replacement. But you need a professional inspection to examine the roof and take the necessary safety precautions for repair. Email us at Wonderoofing Chester for expert advice and a general assessment of your flat roof.

Flat Roof Materials

Different companies and clients opt for unique materials for flat roofs. Here are some of the common types:

Roofing Felt: The most commonly chosen flat roofing material is roofing felt. It is affordable, easy to install and weatherproof; hence commonly used across Britain. Moreover, the repair of this felt is easy and quick.

EPDM Membrane: EPDM is cheap, durable and easy to install. Its also weather and temperature resistant, lasts four to five decades and is fit for all sizes of roofs.

Shed Felt: Commonly used on garden sheds, shed felt is excellent for outbuildings. It is cheaper than felt roofing, covers larger areas quickly and is easy to install.

Torch-On-Felt: Torch-on-felt is slightly more expensive than other materials but stronger and more lasting. It also needs to be installed by professionals only and is best for big garages, warehouses, etc.

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