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Roof Cleaning Chester

It’s important to regularly conduct a thorough roof cleaning to keep your roof free from damage and increase its life. Moss and algae often form on roofs and can cause problems for your home and its structure.

If left untreated, they can lead to dampness, tile cracking, and internal seepages. If you have annoying moss that keeps falling in front of your house or leaves and debris that trouble you, professional cleaners can help make things alright.

Why Roof Cleaning

If you think about why to clean the roof and how it helps your home, here are a few advantages of roof cleaning:

Roof cleaning protects your roof from moss and water damage
Improves the looks of the home
Increases your property value
Keeps your home safe from frost and ice damage

At Wonderoofing Chester, we have a team of cleaners equipped with the tools for efficient cleaning and maintaining your roof. Our specialist team has years of experience handling moss, repair and maintenance works of the roof and roof cleaning.

We use the soft washing technique to provide long-term solutions against moss growth and cleaning that lasts. We also use green and safe chemicals to clean the roof for all our commercial and residential clients.

Our Cleaning Tools

We manually clean the roof using handy tools and equipment like:

Cherry pickers
Chemicals to prevent moss growth
Biocidal roof wash

Our Cleaning Roof Services

Our team at Wonderoofing Chester has the experience, training, and skills needed for adequate and efficient roof cleaning services. We inspect the roof for debris and moss to gauge the extent of the spread. Then we use our special chemicals and equipment to keep your roof safe from moss for years.
Our roof cleaning services include:

Preparation of the site and roof 
Remove and cover flower pots and furniture from the roof
Professional grade roof cleaning service
Repair cracked and broken tiles
Apply anti-algae and moss protection chemicals
Guttering cleaning
Fascia boards cleaning
Debris removal

Our Cleaning Process

Roofs tend to get dirty and have a lot of debris and moss growth over time. Moreover, at times the moss, fungi and algae make their homes atop the roofs. They travel to the roof as airborne spores, developing and spreading rapidly.

An excess moss buildup can severely damage the roof, and you need immediate action to remove it. 

Our inspectors assess the damage’s extent and help clean and repair the roof. We also treat the tiles to prevent further moss growth. We apply the bio-degradable chemical at low pressure to avoid damage to the roof structure. 
This chemical keeps your roof safe from moss for up to ten years. 
Now there are four methods we use to clean the roof.

Biocide Treatment
Protective Sealer
Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning

At Wonderoofing Chester, we clean your roof and restore your place as quickly as possible. We ensure to work quietly without disturbing the neighbourhood. So place your trust in us; we assure you we won’t let you down.

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