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Leadwork Chester

Lead roofing is the most excellent way to protect your home from the weather. Weathering and flashing keep all the weaker and exposed joints safe and lasting.

Lead is highly preferred for roofing due to its ability to expand and contract in line with weather conditions. So the chances of having cracked lead roofing are minimal. Moreover, people prefer lead roofing because of these four reasons:

Aesthetics: The best thing about lead is that it goes with all kinds of buildings. It looks sleek and stylish everywhere.

Durability: You’ll find lead roofing on various archaic and historic buildings since it lasts the test of time.

Water resistance: Lead is highly stable against weather extremities, temperatures and pollutants. 

Recyclability: Lead being a sustainable and recyclable material helps us play our part in creating a greener and more sustainable future.

You can choose different types of lead sheets based on their thickness, weight and other attributes. But one thing is important here; all the work must be done by experienced professionals. 
Confused about which lead roofing to select? At Wonderoofing Chester, we provide consultation about the right kind of lead for each type of job. We conduct historic repairs as well as modern lead flashings. 

Our Services

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Lead roofing installation
Pitched roofs and flat roofs
Lead welding and flashing
Roof inspections and repairs
Cast lead and sand cast
Lead piping and box gutters
Ornamental lead work

We have highly trained professionals who have worked on several lead roofing projects and are experienced in installing the roofing perfectly. We assure you that lead roofing projects conducted by us can last over six decades without giving you any trouble.

Installing lead roofing is an art, so we never compromise on quality workmanship. At Wonderoofing Chester, our experts are trained and hands-on in providing all roofing installations. Contact us today to learn more.

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