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Slate and Tile Roofing Chester

At Wonderoofing Chester, we also provide installation, maintenance, and repair for slate and tile roofing. Whether for homeowners or commercial setups, we provide our services for all clients across Chester.

Contact us via our website, and we will help you with the installation, inspection and repair of slate and tile roofing.

Slating and Slate Roofs

Loved for their aesthetic appeal, slate roofs come in various sizes, styles and appearances. Slate roofs are also weather resistant and more durable than roofing options.

Over time, these slates can become loose or break. That’s when it becomes dangerous; you should hire professionals immediately for restoration.

We have reclaimed and new slates for roof repairs and installations at Wonderoofing Chester. We provide customised slating options to give you the style of your preference. As for the repairs, given our extensive options, we can easily find the best match for your roof.

Tiling Roofs

Loose and broken tiles, too, are a hazard to the roof. They can lead to water leakage, damaging your property’s structure. If your roof needs tiling or tiling repair, we at Wonderoofing Chester can provide installation and repair works for all kinds of buildings and properties.

We can find you a comprehensive catalogue of choices for suitable tiles and can also find the perfect match for your broken or damaged tiles.

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